Staycation 2018

I started my annual ‘staycation’ in Jamestown last night. It’s always rare for me to paint in the evening. The light is different (and fading!) and there are always a lot more people around. I also don’t typically use cobalt blue, but it was the perfect color for the sky. The water around Jamestown is more turquoise than on the side of Aquidneck Island where we live.

Fort Wetherill, Jamestown, acrylic, 8×10”

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I got the opportunity to paint on an amazing farm today. There were so many options it was hard to choose what to paint. I miss playing with the atmospheric perspective back in Pennsylvania and don’t get enough chances with it on the coast here so that helped make my decision.

When I neared the end of this I stood there trying to decide whether or not to include the beautiful rock wall in front of me. I rarely paint the foreground. Usually I feel like foreground elements demand their own painting. Today’s wall was no exception. I slapped it on there at the end knowing it was a mistake, but I keep wanting to try things I typically wouldn’t. It bothered me the entire drive home. As soon as I could I wiped it off. Instead of replacing the green grass I kind of like the warm tone of the canvas panel.

The wall needs its own painting.

acrylic, 8×10”

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Father’s Day

This morning I went out to the refuge to paint some rocks. Acrylics again. A lot of times I feel like I’m painting for someone else. When I paint a tight painting I’m usually concerned about what other people will think of it. If I paint in a crowded place where people will stop to watch me or if I’m thinking of taking a piece to a gallery I always tighten up and paint specifics, like I’m painting a portrait of the place.

Today is Father’s Day and the refuge was crowded. I climbed way out on the boulders away from the trails to guarantee nobody would bother me. Today I painted one for me. I like using the scene as a starting point. It’s the spark that lights the fire. Whether or not someone would recognize the location becomes irrelevant. It’s much more difficult for me to do that with a figure. For me, much of the beauty in a figure are the subtle specifics.

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Another Acrylic

I tried a couple of new things this morning. One was using medium. I typically only use paint without any additives when painting plein air. I don’t even take any water. I’m hoping the addition of medium will help the finished painting dry with a little gloss.

Also I’m typically interested in what’s going on in the distance. I keep trying this scene because the trees break the horizon.

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Back to acrylics

I switched back to acrylics after lunch today. I have a plein air event coming up and I’m trying to decide whether to take acrylics or watercolors. I don’t usually do organized events so I’m a little nervous.

acrylic, 8×10”

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I had a wonderful opportunity today to paint from two models. It was a great workout. The first bunch are 5 minute poses.

This was the long pose. I think I spent about an hour altogether on this one. I wanted to change spots and do shorter paintings, but it was very crowded today which made it hard to move around. Relating the two figures to each other was an interesting challenge. It would be really nice to have the opportunity more often. I also think these two were romantically involved so an embrace would’ve been a great pose too.

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Black Point

This is on hot press paper again. I’ve also been drawing the composition in pencil first. That is something I usually avoid. The drawing is loose, but then the painting tightens up on top of it. I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing that.

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White Flowers

Today I painted some white flowers by the sea instead of the pink ones that are everywhere.

watercolor on hot press paper, 9×12”

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Still Struggling

A couple from today’s efforts.


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The roses along the water are blooming again.

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