I think this one is finally done. I’ve played with it enough. I’m ready to move on to a new painting. All that’s left is signature, varnish, frame. This was started over a year ago. Looking back through my photos I like some of the older versions.

acrylic, 20×40″ 


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Edited Stream

I recently discovered a pile of unused 16x2o panels in my house so yesterday and today are both larger than my usual. Painting larger is a lot of fun and really doesn’t take any more time than painting a smaller one. I also haven’t used a toned ground in a while (that gold color showing through). This painting is about editing, invention, and trying to create some visual interest in a scene where there really isn’t any. The most interesting thing about standing there this morning were the geese flying over and the kingfisher and the woodpecker that were working in the trees along the stream.

acrylic, 16×20″ 


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Early Ice

The weatherman said there was ice on the river and we don’t usually get it until January or February so I got excited. Of course there was just a little and I was delusional to think it would be much of an element for my scene today. I had some fun anyway even without the ice and with 19°.

acrylic, 16×20″ 



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The light this morning was terrible. Before giving up and heading home I thought I’d play a little. Rather than trying to copy a scene that I’m not inspired by I deviated from what the scene was offering and abstracted it more than usual. I like where this went.

acrylic, 9×12″

11.16.14-tucquan1 11.16.14-tucquan2

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Quick Fox

We dashed through the zoo just before closing yesterday and I managed to do a few little drawings. Here is a swift fox drawn inside the Nocturnal House in near complete darkness.  Drawing the animals quickly as they move around is always fun.


And this is a plein air painting I started last Sunday and finished at home today. 8×16″


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Big Rocks

It was supposed to be very cold this morning so I wanted to charge right out and face it head-on. I haven’t been painting outside much lately and I was afraid if I hesitated because of the cold it would set a precedent for the rest of the winter and I’d never go out. I have a lot of work to do in the studio but I didn’t want it to also become an excuse.

My first location was my usual scenic vista overlooking the river, but as I arrived people were setting up for a morning of 5K fun-running. I wasn’t ready for that kind of distraction so I left. My next two sites didn’t work out either and I was about to head home before finally forcing myself to give one last site a chance. It worked. The river was still low and I was able to get out to one of my favorite spots.

acrylic, 9×12″

11.08.14-rock 11.08.14-rock2

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This one is finally done.

acrylic, 6×8″ 


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That Time of Year Again

It’s closing in on Halloween so I’m creeping around in cemeteries again. This morning was cold and windy and I wasn’t dressed properly so I spent most of my time shivering. Not my best painting but glad I went out. I’ll take a break from looking at this but will probably scrape it off this afternoon.

acrylic, 6×8″



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Back on the Horse

I hadn’t been out plein air painting in a while so I forced myself to go even though I really wanted to crawl back into bed. I like painting in the city but often times it’s difficult to find a place to stand where I’m not in peoples’ way.

acrylic, 11×14″


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Long Time

I didn’t realize it’s been over two weeks since I posted anything. I wish I could say that time had been filled with lots and lots of art making and I’ve been to busy to post it, but it hasn’t. I wish I could say I’ve been touring Europe. Nope. Just in a rut I guess.

I’ve drawn a little and varnished a bunch of paintings but nothing worth reporting. I’ve been working on this little painting for a while too. I can’t seem to find a point where I’m really happy with it. I’m working from a photo rather than from life so I’m hoping that’s what’s been giving me difficulty.



And after lunch I did a little watercolor sketch just to force myself outside and painting.

10.17.14-sketch1 10.17.14-sketch2

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