Fast and Slow

I still don’t have much time to paint right now but I took the day off to spend one last time with my figure group friends. First I did a fast one, then I did a slower one that I didn’t have time to finish. Just focused on trying to do a portrait today. I don’t think I came close to a likeness in either attempt.


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Another Breather

I’ve been very busy lately and needed a day off so I met with some friends to paint from a model. I’m a little rusty but it felt really good to paint again.

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I haven’t painted in a long time and needed to just get out of the house this morning.

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The End of Something Old Or The Beginning of Something New?

Sunset or sunrise?

This painting is another one of my plein airs reworked and rescued from the trash. It has transformed from a sketch into a more controlled work. All changes to the plein air painting were done out of my head and developed on their own without a predetermined plan. No photo reference, no observation. Maybe I’m channeling my inner Thomas Kinkade.

oils, 11×14″ 

Here is the plein air painting from June, 2016 before I fixed/finished it:

I know at this location I was looking southeast and I know I painted the plein air sketch in June in mid-morning and I know from painting there a hundred times year-round that the sun would rise in June much more to the left (well off the edge of the canvas, at least a full canvas width off the left edge), but you don’t know any of that.

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Wall Study

This started as just a quick study to understand the color of the shadow part of that wall thinking it would help me try this with watercolor (which would allow me only one shot to get it right). It ended up turning into extended playtime to do things with oil paint that I typically don’t do. I learned a bit about layering with oils thanks to some advice from a friend from art school, Sadie Valeri. This started loose and ended up with hard edges and straight lines. My favorite part was still painting those trees in the background bottom corner (which lead to another painting which I’ll post soon).

It isn’t quite finished, but then it was never supposed to have gone this far to begin with. It just kept going and going. Maybe I’ll finish it someday.

unfinished, oil, 9×12″ 

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Susquehanna Winter

I think this one is finally done. The plein air sketch for this was done in February 2015. We haven’t had ice like that since. So far this winter it hasn’t been very cold here, but my fingers are crossed that a deep freeze will be coming.

acrylic on canvas, 24×48″ 

This is the plein air sketch from 2015. acrylic, 10×20″

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Happy New Year

My New Year’s resolution this year is to reduce the amount of time I spend doing plein air paintings and instead focus more on producing finished studio works. I feel like I need more direction and structure in my work.

Also I want to drastically reduce my social media and online exposure. I post nearly everything I do. I love seeing other artists’ sketches and like sharing mine too because they are my favorite part of what I do, but I’m considering maybe I should do what other artists do and only show my successes. That helps create the mystique that this is easy (for me) because I’m so awesome and never have failures and never struggle. Maybe I’m also giving away too much. I’m doing a lot of work and sharing my trial-and-errors and experiments with everyone. Those should be closely guarded trade secrets or something. Most people don’t seem very “social” online anyway. I’m evaluating how much I really get out of participating and flirt with closing my accounts.

I also considered ending my blog at the end of last year. I don’t get much traffic anymore and the only comments are from spambots. I like it as an online diary though and use it to reference works as I haven’t found a useful (and free) app for artists to keep inventory records.

Until I can decide what I want to do here are a couple of watercolor sketches and a small plein air done this week. .


plein air, oils, 8×10″ 

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To The Shore And Back

We spent a few days at the beach. I got to do a little painting. These are all 8×10″ oils. Painting the moving surf is always fun. 12-28-16-shore

It rained one morning. I sought refuge under a bridge. Not much of a view from under there. I’ll probably scrape this one off.


I tried in vain to paint a sunrise. They always fail for me. I wiped it off and painted some more surf. I’ll finish the top of the sky later. That’s just left over from the failed sunrise.


These were all painted with my pochade box. That makes it a little easier than a french easel for me when traveling. But I always feel like I’m painting through a window or hole or something and the edges of the box get in my way when I’m trying to paint to the edges. These are also mainly painted with a knife because there’s no place to rest brushes on a pochade and I’m limited by my mittens for how many things I can hold.

Home again. A familiar view this morning.


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Another Costume

Two more watercolor sketches today done from a model in costume. Not my best work but fun to play.

12-16-16-wcfigure1 12-16-16-wcfigure2

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A rare Sunday opportunity for me to paint from a model. She wore a ballerina outfit. I decided to do multiple sketches today instead of one long painting. Here they are in the order that I did them. The last one I cut short and left a little early.

12-11-16-wcfigure1 12-11-16-wcfigure2 12-11-16-wcfigure3

And this is another attempt at my Loch Ness Monster idea. Working like this is really outside my comfort zone. I prefer painting from observation.

Nessie II 


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