More Sachuest

Back in Sachuest NWR this morning.

Sachuest, plein air, watercolor, 8×16” 

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Figure group today. I wanted to stick to charcoal today, but I did do one watercolor. For the last pose I switched sides of the room and realized that the other side had really nice light. If I had been on that side of the room I would’ve done watercolors instead of charcoal.

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I tried to slow down at figure group today, and I tried a different approach. The final painting:

The model takes a break every 20 minutes. This is after the first break. Only burnt sienna. I wish my cell phone took better photos.

After the second break. Burnt sienna + ultramarine blue.

After the third break. Burnt sienna + ultramarine blue + Naples yellow and a touch of quinacridone magenta.

Total palette today: burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, Naples yellow, a touch of quinacridone magenta, and a touch of white. Lately at figure group I’m trying to use up old tubes of earth colors and cadmiums. My palette is pretty stripped down now and I don’t typically use those colors for anything. I want to use them up before the tubes dry up, but I’m enjoying the results and I can see why my painting teachers in art school asked us to put them on our palette for painting figures.

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Another cloudy morning. I painted the view from Purgatory Chasm today. It overlooks Second Beach towards Sachuest Point. I’d like another shot at this one. Maybe I’ll try it in acrylic.

Second Beach From Purgatory, plein air, watercolor, 8×16” 

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It was very overcast this morning. A friend gave me some paper she didn’t like so I thought I’d give it a try. I didn’t really like it either. I’ll darken those rocks at the bottom later. They lightened too much as they dried.

10.7.18, plein air, watercolor, 8×16” 

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Lots of Waves

I wasn’t really in the mood to paint today but went anyway. There were lots of beautiful waves this morning.

10.6.18, plein air, acrylic, 8×10” 

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Long Pose

Here is today’s effort from figure group. Acrylic, 16×12” (For my own reference in years to come: my palette for this was titanium white, raw sienna, quinacridone magenta, carbon black)

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Last Day

Today is the last day of the September contest I’m participating in. Here is today’s painting (the landscape) and some others from the previous days that I hadn’t posted here.

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Out of Time

I ran out of time this afternoon and had to pack up to go pick up my kids.

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Here are a couple from today’s figure group.

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