Watercolor Figure

I dared to try painting the figure in watercolor today. I took my acrylics just in case but left them in the van. I enjoyed the change from a forgiving, changeable medium like acrylics to the challenging unforgivingness of watercolors. I may try it again…. I dunno…. It’s hard for me to see (and show!) results as rough as these. I know what I get out of something like this but I don’t know that other people can see the value in it.

A quick one to loosen up a little. Student grade paper always performs poorly for me but probably the most interesting of the three today. I should’ve just done a bunch of quick ones.


This one is on QoR watercolor grounds that I tinted with acrylic paint. You can see the edge on the right where the paper is white and the toned ground was added. I needed opaque white to pull out the lighter areas. That was kind of a fun approach but much stiffer and controlled than I like with watercolors.


A bigger effort. Perhaps over worked. But I’m happy enough with it being my first try at using watercolors with a live model. I’m still clinging to reality a bit too much I think.



And this was a quick watercolor sketch I tried to try and muster some courage to take watercolors to our figure painting group.


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More Ice

I raced this morning to get all of my domestic responsibilities taken care of so I could go out and paint some more ice before it’s gone. I don’t usually get to paint plein airs mid-day. Today I got to paint two. I have a lot of studio work to catch up on but I couldn’t resist. It was warm today and the ice was melting as I painted it.

acrylic, 12×16″


acrylic, 10×10″ 


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After painting that type yesterday I needed some fun.

watercolor, 9×12″ 


And after lunch I flipped the paper over and painted another one on the back.


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Another box painting. This box I liked because of the lettering even though lettering is something that I’d typically omit. I have a couple more boxes with lettering that I like so I thought I might as well stop putting it off and do one to see what happens. I’m not sure about it. Usually I like these to be more loose and carefree. Adding the lettering was not part of the process I enjoyed very much.

I hope besides the obvious implication of internet shopping people can see the humor in these.

acrylic, 12×12″ 


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Another Figure

I went to another figure painting group today. I always do a thumbnail sketch before I start painting, but today I also did a watercolor sketch to familiarize myself with the shapes I’d be using.


Then I went to work on my acrylic. This wasn’t what I had in mind when I went today but this is what I came away with. 16×12″ About three hours. His left hand was resting on the handle of a long sword. I didn’t include it because from my vantage point it seemed more of a distraction and interfered with the figure.


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Ice Again

I had so much fun yesterday that I had to go back again this morning. Looking the other direction this time, down-river. Our weather has gotten warm and rain is coming so I’m afraid this may have been my last opportunity to paint the ice chunks this year.

acrylic, 12×16″

02.08.15-ice 02.08.15-ice2

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Very happy to find ice on the river this morning!

acrylic, 8×16″ 



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Doodle Dolls

Some little watercolor sketches of my daughter’s dolls. I’m wondering if I should take watercolors to my next figure painting session.


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Another Revision, finale

I think this is done. I have several others I’m revising and I’d also like to get back to some watercolors.


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Another Revision, part 2

I’m continuing to explore with this one. I’m wandering. It’s fun but not as fun as working from observation for me. However, I can’t continue to paint a thousand landscapes that all look the same or formulaic so this is how I learn new vocabulary. Maybe it will open up new paths and maybe it won’t. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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