I haven’t been painting lately and have had a lot on my mind so these felt stiff. 5 minute warm up.

Similar pose as the warm up. Slower. More controlled. Disappointing so I stopped and tried to change gears.

I tried looking for something in the middle.

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Still Trying

I’m still trying at figure group. I like the short poses to explore and be courageous. That’s a lot of fun. But for the long pose I keep trying to be more academic and controlled. I want to take the opportunity to slow down and look more precisely at what I’m seeing. I don’t have a model to study from very often (or at least as often as I’d like). I always hate the results. Here they are anyway.

3 minute poses. I really liked her knee in that one drawing and would’ve liked that to be the long pose just so I could’ve painted it.

5 minute poses. These are always my favorites of the day.

The long pose. It’s important here to point out that I do not choose the poses!

I really liked the light on her face and I’m always a sucker for a good ear so I switched to a portrait attempt at the end. I’m dreadful at portraits though and would like to try more. The geometry of a face is interesting. I’m not a “people person” and try to avoid conversation if I can, but if I am engaged and you notice I’m not looking you in the eye it’s because I’m studying the shape of your nose or the color of the shadow under your chin. I’m not trying to be rude. I promise I’m listening to every word.

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Short Poses

Two 5 minute poses to start.

Then 20 minute poses the rest of the morning.

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5 minute warm up

10 minute pose

20 minute poses

And a 10 minute drawing to end the day

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Full Frontal

At figure group today I was front and center for the pose. I knew I was going to do single drawings for each of the 20 minute sessions rather than one long drawing today. I thought I’d move after each session and do different angles but decided against it. I’m a little too lazy to move all my stuff around the room sometimes. Also, I thought I’d just focus on continuing to develop my watercolor technique rather than keep changing the variable of the pose.

A couple of 5 minute warm ups before the main pose.

Ths was the first 20 minute session.

These were the final sessions. The first one was 20 minutes. The last one was multiple sessions and I wanted to really load it up. I wanted deeper color and added some opaque paint also.

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Tide Pool Again

This morning I painted the same tide pool I’ve painted several times before. The snowy owl is still here and hanging out on the refuge headquarters’ roof in the parking lot.

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Female Wrestler

I tried oils at figure group again.

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A beautiful windy morning today. Oils, 8×10”

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Ukrainian Blonde

We had a new model and I tried some new techniques today at figure group.

A 5 minute pose

A 10 minute pose

I tried drawing with a brush first and liked it so I left it alone and finished the pose with a small, quick color sketch (below this one).

Then I continued drawing the rest of the poses first with a brush and sienna before applying color.

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Another day at figure group. Shorter poses are best for me. I try to do new things and slow down for the long poses, but I always destroy it.

3 minute poses

5 minute poses

For the long pose I drew a tight pencil drawing for the first 20 minutes before getting out my paint. I keep thinking that most other watercolor painters do a pencil drawing first so maybe I should too. My controlled drawings are always stiff and disappointing. I don’t like being locked into a (bad) drawing as the painting progresses.

When I started to paint I tried to be slow and academic letting the color build up in thin layers. I didn’t want to be concerned with how the paint behaved, and I didn’t want to inject artifice. I just wanted to try to accurately reproduce the colors I was seeing. I think this is horrible, but I hope I learned something.

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