Another Page

Here’s another page from my little sketchbook. I did it a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t posted it. I just realized I haven’t been doing the daily sketches in it anymore. I’m exploring other things lately.

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More Sketchbook

Here is another batch of sketchbook pages.

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Covid Cove

Still hiding in my basement like most people.

Usually my outdoor sketches end outside. I don’t usually use them for studio paintings. However, given the current situation and inability for us to get outside I’m taking the opportunity to try things I wouldn’t usually try.

The plein air sketch is on the left. It’s 16×20” and took about an hour. The studio painting is 24×36” and took a week in quarantine (about 20-30 hours). Both are oils.

Here’s a close up of that wave.

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I got to escape my house today and headed for some isolation at the wildlife refuge. My kids start their 2 weeks of home schooling tomorrow so I’ll be back to sketchbook sketches from photos until next weekend. This is a terrible photo, but I haven’t figured out a good way to photograph wet oil paintings yet. 12×16”

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Quarantine Week 1

Here are some pages from my sketchbook that I did this week. I’m working from photos and squeezing them in whenever I can. They’re small and I can get them done in one sitting while my kids are occupied.

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I find it hard to work through distractions. I need to focus and sort of wander into my happy place and ignore everything else. Yesterday my distraction was the tide. When I arrived on location the tide was very far out so I could reach an area I usually can’t get to. While I painted, however, I couldn’t help but keep a constant watch on the tide coming in and my escape route disappearing. It was too much of a distraction and I eventually just packed it in and quit.

I’m not happy with this for a few reasons, but there are some things I do like about it so I won’t set it on fire. Sometimes they just don’t work. It’s always fun to be out trying though.

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Here’s another page from my sketchbook. It is a watercolor copy of Gustave Doré’s Andromeda. I stopped when I realized the reproduction I was working from was garbage. I tried to fix some of the problems but just decided to call it done.

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Some nice waves this morning.

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A rough day at figure group today. Wasn’t sure of my direction. 3 minute poses.

20 minute poses.

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Here’s a page from my sketchbook. I slipped and fell (twice!) on those snowy, icy rocks on Saturday morning and I’m still sore so I spent some time sitting in a chair taking it easy. Some ear studies in watercolor.

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