Two Heads

Today I tried two different techniques. On the left I didn’t do any drawing before starting the painting. I tried to find the drawing as I worked. On the right I started with a simple line drawing. You can see a bit of it in the jacket. The one on the right is probably more accurate because of this, but the process on the left is more like how I’d work with oils or acrylics. I’m not bound to the foundation of a pencil drawing because with watercolors the pencil drawing always shows through.


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I didn’t have much time to work today but did this little sketch in my sketchbook that I’m pretty happy about.


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Garden Variety

This was something new for me. I painted this entirely from my smaller sketches. I didn’t use photo reference and I didn’t take it outside to work on site. It’s more idealized than my usual paintings done from observation. This was also my first time trying a watercolor so large. I don’t think it’s too bad for a first try and I’ll give it another shot soon. The biggest difficulty for me was continuing with an idea I had already painted multiple times.

Garden Variety, watercolor, 18×24″ 


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Peasant Girl

Today our figure group worked from a costumed model. Oils.


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Went to the beach for a quick weekend. Did one painting.

oils, 8×10″ 

04.18.16-oc1 04.18.16-oc2

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Still Life In Landscape

I took a still life setup outside to paint it in a landscape in sunlight. What a pain in the ass! I don’t think I’ll probably do this again. I started it weeks ago and between bad weather and domestic responsibilities it took much longer than I expected. There’s a lot more I’d like to do on it but I just can’t get enough time at the right time of day consistently to maintain my momentum (and the daffodils are dying). This morning I rushed to just wrap it up. Paintings like this make me consider painting more from photos despite my aversion to them.

oils, 16×20″  


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I went to the Brandywine River Museum today to see an egg tempera demonstration done in Andrew Wyeth’s studio. Of course afterwards I pressed my nose against his watercolors in the museum as I always do, and I can never come away from there without the urge to paint. So I painted this quickly after I got home but before the school buses started bringing the kids home.


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Yellow House

I hadn’t painted for a few days and did a little watercolor today to try to get my momentum going again. It ended up taking much longer than I planned.


A detail


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Figure Friday

Another figure in oils. This was probably about two and a half hours of painting.


And this is a plein air painting I started on location earlier in the month but finished at home from memory.


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Falling River

The river has been falling and it’s low enough now that I can get back out to my favorite rocks!

oils, 11×14″ 

03.26.16-river1 03.26.16-river2

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