I didn’t feel like this one was done so I went back to the river this morning to try to fix it. I think it’s getting better. I’m approaching it as if I’m painting an abstract painting rather than illustrating what’s in front of me.

When I work from a nude model it’s more of an academic exercise where I’m trying to learn something and understand what I’m looking at rather than exploring or expressing something. Here it seems pointless to paint all the rocks so it looks like a photo of rocks, but I hope it feels like the rocks at this site. Viewers will not know if I moved a rock or if a color isn’t exact since they won’t see the painting at the location. Instead they will only know if what I did is working or not working within the painting itself.

08.30.15-oilriver1 08.30.15-oilriver2

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Oil Roses

I painted over another old painting this morning in the city rose garden.

oils, 8×10″ 

08.29.15-roses1 08.29.15-roses2

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New Model

Went to paint with my figure group today and there was a model I hadn’t painted before.

watercolor, 16×12″ 


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Old Oils

I’m dusting off some old oil paintings from the basement and painting over them.

08.23.15-oldoils3 08.23.15-oldoils2

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Too Early

It feels too early to be harvesting my pumpkins, but here they are. Just a sketch this morning. The stems and dried vines are almost more interesting than the pumpkins.


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This morning I painted a bumpy pumpkin in my yard. Seems like they should be called bumpkins. I really just wanted to try to paint the pumpkin. The rest of the scene just sort of fell into the picture.

watercolor, 9×12″ 



And a few days ago I painted the canal in Stockton, NJ

watercolor, 9×12″ 

08.14.15-canal1 08.14.15-canal2  

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Between Storms

It was a rainy day here today. I watched the weather radar and went out between thunderstorms. I expected to get wet but the rain held off. The clouds moved very quickly though and my light changed dramatically from when I started.

oils, 8×10″ 

08.11.15-storm1 08.11.15-storm2

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Here are some practice pages I do in my sketchbook. Nothing fancy. Just playing. It’s important for me to do things like this. I experiment. Trial and error. It’s how I learn.

08.05.15-wcsketch1 08.05.15-wcsketch2 08.05.15-wcsketch308.07.15-wcsketch

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House Rock Again

I got out late afternoon today. I wore long pants this time to avoid whatever poisonous plant I encountered last time.

oils, 12×12″ 

07.31.15-houserock1 07.31.15-houserock2


I finished the sky this morning.


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Went to figure drawing group last night. Some warm up drawings first. Then a watercolor, maybe an hour and a half.

07.29.15-figure1 07.29.15-figure2b

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