NOW It’s done!

I couldn’t leave it alone and had to fix the eyes, but now I kinda like it better when they were more vague.


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A Little Off The Top

I think this is done. Took some hair off the top. Reduced my glasses. Downplayed the eyes. Fixed the drawing of my mouth. I’m pretty tired of looking at myself.

acrylic, 10×10″ 


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Pumpkins Again

They’re almost all orange now. It was chilly and I had some trouble with the paper drying too slowly. I was also starting to shiver and was happy to wrap this up to head inside for a cup of coffee! 12×18″, hot press paper.

09.14.14-wcpumpkins 09.14.14-wcpumpkins2

And me again! Worked on that eye a little bit. Now I need to fix the mouth.


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Spent 2 hours looking at myself today. The eyes still need some work.

acrylic, 10×10″ 


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Better Day

A better outing this morning. 12×18″ on hot press paper



I also added the fence to yesterday’s painting:


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More Than I Could Chew

Bit off more than I could chew this morning. I wanted to paint the chicken wire fence in my garden and how the pumpkin vines had hung on it and are dying on it. Instead I got caught up painting the entire scene and not seeing the fence at all. I was thinking I needed a backdrop to hold the fence instead of focusing on my intended subject, but now I have this awful green background to contend with.

Before I could get to the fence I lost my light (severely) and my kids found me in the yard and bombarded me with questions and comments (none about painting). So I wrapped it up the best I could. And now that I’m finished with the plein air portion I have to figure out how to put the wire fence in. I think that background is going to prove to be a problem but at least I won’t feel so bad if I mess it up experimenting with how to do the fence.

09.06.14-nofence1 09.06.14-nofence2

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Happy Labor Day!

I love my labor, and as they say: when you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. Of course you may not make any money at it either but….. ??? Just some watercolor sketching in my driveway. Tried the water brush again.


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Mark’s Kayak

I learned yesterday that an old friend passed away prematurely earlier this summer. He and I spent years together paddling our kayaks around the Delaware River. When he moved away to take care of his aging parents and start an organic farm he left me his kayak. This morning I dragged it out into my garden. Paddling and gardening, the two things I do when I remember him.

I didn’t have much time to work this morning but I tried. 9×12″


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Paintin’ in the Patch

I snuck out to the pumpkin patch this morning and managed to get some painting in before the kids woke up.

watercolor, 9×12″, cold press paper



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Pink Flamingo

I painted this in my yard. It took a couple of days and I’m tired of working on it so it’s done. I just need to scratch in the flamingo’s wire legs.

watercolor, 12×18″, hot press paper



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