Happy Labor Day!

I love my labor, and as they say: when you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. Of course you may not make any money at it either but….. ??? Just some watercolor sketching in my driveway. Tried the water brush again.


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Mark’s Kayak

I learned yesterday that an old friend passed away prematurely earlier this summer. He and I spent years together paddling our kayaks around the Delaware River. When he moved away to take care of his aging parents and start an organic farm he left me his kayak. This morning I dragged it out into my garden. Paddling and gardening, the two things I do when I remember him.

I didn’t have much time to work this morning but I tried. 9×12″


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Paintin’ in the Patch

I snuck out to the pumpkin patch this morning and managed to get some painting in before the kids woke up.

watercolor, 9×12″, cold press paper



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Pink Flamingo

I painted this in my yard. It took a couple of days and I’m tired of working on it so it’s done. I just need to scratch in the flamingo’s wire legs.

watercolor, 12×18″, hot press paper



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Done I guess

I tried to revisit the location to work on this again but some leaves have grown, some have wilted, the flower is gone, it just doesn’t look similar enough to what inspired me so I just added a few touches in my studio to wrap this one up.

watercolor, 12×18″, rough paper


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Sunday Funday

My wife and kids were away this weekend so I got to paint a lot. Yesterday I did a couple of big watercolors, the first one from memory and the second one from a small pencil sketch done during my last visit to the shore. Just an exercise in loosening up since I’m not depending on any real source. I really don’t like working this way, but all my efforts with watercolor have been to get me out of my comfort zone.

08.24.14-wc1 08.24.14-wc2

And after lunch today I headed down to a favorite spot on the river… where I had a subject right in front of my eyes to work from.

acrylic, 12×24″



And then!!! Before dinner I sat out in my garden to paint my pumpkin patch with watercolors. I didn’t quite finish it before I lost my light, but maybe I can work on it a bit tomorrow.



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The Shore Again

We went to the shore for a few days last week and I managed to do a little work. I did two 6×8″ acrylics from my lap on different days:




I did some drawings. Here is a drawing of my daughter drawing:


And a bunch of wave drawings that finished off my sketchbook:

08.18.14-shoredraw2 08.18.14-shoredraw3 08.18.14-shoredraw4 08.18.14-shoredraw5

I also did some watercolors from my lap while sitting on the beach. These are disasters but I think I got enough information to try some more larger studio versions soon. It was difficult to transition back and forth between acrylics and watercolors.

08.18.14-shorewc1 08.18.14-shorewc2

After those first two I split the sheet of paper to make smaller sketches that I hoped would be more simplified.

08.18.14-shorewc3 08.18.14-shorewc4

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Pumpkin Flowers

Tried to paint some flowers in the pumpkin patch this morning. They were closing and wilting before my eyes. Many of the leaves also wilted as the sun got hotter midday.


I would’ve liked some time to do some compositional drawings. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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Another Shot

This morning I took a trip into Philly to visit the art museum. When I got home I decided I wanted another shot at this rose of sharon behind my garage. I think I also want to make this a larger studio work.


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Two More

Today’s paintings. The rose garden before lunch.


Back to the park before dinner, but this round of roses is pretty much past its bloom so I sat up on a hill in the park to enjoy this gorgeous day and over-worked this one. There really wasn’t much to paint from where I was sitting, but it was too nice outside to go home.


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