Wet Paint!

Today was the Newport Art Museum’s art event Wet Paint! I think when I did it 5-6 years ago it was a plein air event, but I think now it’s evolved into allowing studio work. Anyway, I did plein air work because that’s what I do. Here are my paintings in the order I did them. I had three hours left to keep painting, but I got a phone call that my family was coming home a day early and that ended my staycation immediately. I could only submit two paintings for the charity auction so I submitted the first one and the third one. I kept the second one for myself. All are acrylic, 8×10″.

There is an iron gate on these pillars on the Cliff Walk. I would’ve loved to include it, but it was raining and I was holding an umbrella in my left hand and just didn’t want to risk ruining the painting in those conditions. If it doesn’t sell and I get it back I will definitely add it. The drawing of the wall could use a little attention too.

It was a fun way to end my week of vacation.

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Purgatory Chasm and Surfers End From Sachuest Point (with cormorants), plein air, watercolor, 9×12” 

Including the birds isn’t something I normally would’ve done here, but they were sitting on the rock when I got there and thought I’d try something different.

And at night watching TV I doodled a quick one.

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Finally Cloudy

I’ve been baking in the sun all week so the cloudy morning today was a relief.

plein air, watercolor, 9×12” 

It was so hot and humid here I skipped going out this afternoon to paint. Instead I painted in front of my TV.

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Wednesday Figures

Our Wednesday figure group met at a gorgeous farm today instead of our usual location, and we painted from two models. Both acrylic 8×10”.

During a model break for the painting above I moved over and did a quick one of our other model.

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Keep Off Rocks

I drove around for an hour and a half this morning looking for a new spot, but I ended up right back where I always paint.

Keep Off The Rocks, plein air, acrylic, 12×16” 

And after dinner I went back to the refuge. I don’t think in the year we’ve lived here my painting opportunities had ever coincided with high tide. Most of my playground was under water, but I raced the setting sun anyway. This was very quick and unfinished. 8×10”

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I painted two in Jamestown this morning.

Fort Wetherill, plein air, acrylic, 8×10” 

Beavertail State Park, plein air, acrylic, 16×20”

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Old Rope

I’ve wanted to paint this chunk of rope in watercolor for a while but haven’t had the courage. This morning I painted it in acrylic. I’m happy with the background and that part was only supposed to be subordinate to the rope. The rope I’m not so crazy about.

Old Rope, plein air, acrylic, 11×14” 

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I usually avoid the models’ tattoos. Today I took a stab at them. Both 20 minute poses.

And here is a little portrait of Euan Uglow I did in my sketchbook while watching TV.

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I painted at my favorite playground this morning. It had to be just a quick one because I drove around most of the morning scouting for some new spots. I hate all the tourists here in the summer. Parking spots become very rare even early on a Sunday morning.

I keep trying a pochade but prefer my half box so I’m going to switch back next time. I find I have much more to carry with a pochade versus the French easel. There are nice things about a pochade, but I think it’s only a setup that works for me with watercolor because I can tape my paper to the lid of mine.

Sachuest, plein air, acrylic, 8×10”

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you get to see these shots of the location. If not, here was today’s.

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Another Figure

A five minute warm up

Followeed by 20 minute poses

When I go to long pose sessions I need to force myself to limit my time. I don’t know why I do a long pose. I never like the results and always prefer my shorter sketches.

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