Bouncing back after painting all those blades of grass I painted some fast still lifes of a bouquet made from an egg carton and some spray paint. Still painting my garbage. A different kind of looking. Quicker, less studied. Finding what matters and discarding the superfluous. These are a more soulful response to me than the longer analytical study of the other painting. Not better or worse. Just different. All acrylic on paper.

07.26.15-bouquet1 07.26.15-bouquet2 07.26.15-bouquet3 07.26.15-bouquet4

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Summer Greens


Summer Greens, acrylic, 30×40″ 

This was painted mostly plein air over 12 sessions (I think it was 12). I had to finish the meadow at the bottom out of my head because they kept mowing it. My kids have never been here but I’m tempted to paint them all running around through the fields.

This is the next painting in an ongoing experiment to paint larger finished landscapes rather than just the smaller sketches. New territory for me.

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Honorable Mention

I’m pleased to announce my painting (below) received an honorable mention at the Lancaster Museum of Art’s 2015 community show.


Here’s a link to the local newspaper article:

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Day 9

Still at this one. All morning working on just the field. Progressing very slowly and losing interest.


And this is my palette. All the other colors were untouched but the yellow was mobbed.


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Patch Again

I hadn’t painted in my pumpkin patch in a while so I thought I’d try today. I’m covered in poison ivy so I didn’t really feel like going anywhere where I’d need to walk much. There are little pumpkins in there already.

I feel very heavy handed with watercolors. I don’t know if that’s just “my way” of using them or if I should just stick to acrylics and oils until I’m ready to use watercolors properly.

07.11.15-pumpkins1 07.11.15-pumpkins2

And yesterday was Day #8 on this one. It was very windy so I needed to lay it down to work on it. I refined some of the trees and continued working on the field. I’m getting close to finishing this one.


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Fourth of July

We went to my parents’ house for the Fourth of July. I painted a watercolor of some flowers at their house last year too.


And we took the kids to the Howell Living History Farm. I got to draw animals while the kids were on a wagon ride.


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Day 7

I’m a very patient person, but I’m growing impatient waiting for the fields to regrow so I went out this morning to get started on the field anyway. I’m eager to wrap up this painting so I can start another one. The grass isn’t very tall yet so they haven’t mowed the paths, but the wildflowers are starting to grow back already. It was overcast all morning so hopefully the fields won’t look dramatically different when the sun returns.


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Beating A Dead Horse

I put another hour on this one today. I think I should’ve listened to my first impression of the location. It’s a neat place and visually interesting but I don’t know that I can do a painting of it that accurately conveys what it’s like. I’m gonna put it aside. Maybe I’ll look at it again later in the summer. I’m concerned that it’s the kind of image that I can keep throwing hours of work at but it will never gel. I can usually tell early in the painting if it’s working or not.

07.01.15-cliffs 07.01.15-cliffs2

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I spent the weekend at my parents’ house and had to wait a while for the rain to stop to get a painting done. The sun didn’t cooperate and eventually the clouds won.

acrylic, 12×16″ 

06.28.15-lambertville 06.28.15-lambertville2

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Earth colors on my palette today made this quicker and easier.

acrylic, 20×16″ 


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