Rescue Attempt #2

Here’s another attempt to rescue a painting from the garbage pile. This is the unfinished plein air painting from 2011:


This is the painting now after I fixed it in my basement. Purple Street, oils, 11×14″


There were things about the original painting that I liked and I considered returning to the location to finish this one rather than working out of my head in my basement. Instead I thought I’d try to make a poem out of it and only talk about what interests me in the scene. For example, would the tires on the cars interest me if I was walking down that street? No, not at all, but if the morning sun cast some shadows on those houses I’d be interest in that. This ended up being very fun. I may try this again on another rescue attempt.

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Figure Friday

It’s getting close to Halloween so our model assumed a pose similar to Morticia from the Addams Family. oils, 20×16″


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I’ve been working outside my comfort zone to try to learn some new methods and techniques. I haven’t exactly been enjoying it, but hopefully I’m learning some things.

Outside My Comfort Zone, watercolor, about 15×11″


I finished this before lunch today so after lunch I blew off some steam by painting some pumpkins in my sketchbook out in my backyard before my kids got home from school.


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Indian Burial Grounds

This morning a woman told me this was an Indian burial ground and warned me of spirits. Just in time for Halloween! oils, 11×14″


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Cold and foggy this morning so I took oils with me instead of watercolors. The fog never lifted. oils, 11×14″ 


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Late Morning Train

Just before lunch. Mostly plein air. Finished it up at home. watercolor, 11×15″


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Direct Sun

I worked in direct sun this morning. That always results in a darker painting. While I was working on this I knew I was going dark even though it didn’t look that way in the sun. Usually when I set up like this I try to position my easel so my shadow is cast onto my painting. Later at home I wasn’t happy with some of the dark sections and softened some while sitting in my driveway while our kids played. 10×14″


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Figure Friday

Two quick watercolor sketches in my sketchbook first followed by a longer painting on gessoed paper. I was not a fan of the gessoed paper today.

09-23-16-wcfigure1 09-23-16-wcfigure2 09-23-16-wcfigure3

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Rescue Attempts

I have paintings stacked in my basement from the floor to the ceiling. I decided to go through them and “cull the herd.” I made piles to keep, to throw away, and a “maybe” pile.

I’m starting to take paintings from the maybe pile and work on them out of my head without reference to see what happens. This is the first attempt. Some of the paintings I’m expecting to get more specific but some I expect will get more abstract and most I expect will completely fail. I’m curious what will happen without a guide and being away from the location I’m trying to listen for what the painting wants/needs rather than the location dictating the scene.

oil on stretched canvas, 10×18″


Below is the original plein air painting from September 2011. I was clearly more interested in the patterns of the distant fields on the other side of the river than in the foreground. I liked that background though. It will probably get its own painting someday, but this wasn’t its painting.


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September Selfie

Watercolor for this one. I used cadmium red instead of my usual quinacridone. More natural, subdued color I think. About 3 hours.



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