A pinwheel in my pumpkin patch this morning.

08.27.16-pumpkinwindmill1 08.27.16-pumpkinwindmill2

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Gouache Play

No plein air today. I stayed inside to avoid the heat and humidity. I played with some gouache again. Still curious. I’m coming to the conclusion that I prefer transparent watercolor.

The one on the left is thicker, more opaque gouache which is what would be typical for the medium. It’s somewhat chalky and dries very matte which made it desirable for commercial art once upon a time because it photographed well. The surface feels a bit dead to me and I prefer the luminosity of transparents. So, the one on the right is still gouache but thinned and without opaque white. I tried to treat it as if it were transparent watercolor. I don’t know if I’m gaining anything by using gouache if I’m after a transparent result.


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Columbia, PA

A community block party seemed to be getting started in the park right behind me this morning so I wrapped this one up early and went home.


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I went down to the river and didn’t see anything inspiring so I tried an experiment. I settled on painting a rock and tried to insert the model from the other night from memory. I had to flip her to match the direction of the sun. Just trying something different.

I’ve been wanting to put figures in my landscapes for a while. Naturally that would most likely mean painting our kids into my landscapes and other than my family who would want to look at those? It worked out serendipitously this morning that the nude model from the other night would easily convert to a bather. I think it becomes a very different painting. Many times I feel my landscapes are lonely and feel empty. Maybe because I’m so used to having all our kids around. I may try more of these.

08.12.16-mermaid 08.12.16-mermaid2

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It was lightly raining and I thought I’d do a painting from the protection of my garage. I wanted to do a big watercolor today. Just after I started painting it stopped raining. I was sweating like a pig and got eaten alive by mosquitos. This was painted in near darkness which is why it looks a little too light so I’ll have to touch it up inside and adjust those values.



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Thick and Thin

I got two small paintings done this morning. The first was thicker paint and mostly knife. The second was thinner paint and I tried to abbreviate the scene. Both 8×10″

08.11.16-riverfront1 08.11.16-riverfront2

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Figure Night

I went to a figure group last night to work from a model.

20 minute warm up


I can’t remember if this was 40 or 60 minutes.


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Out of Time

I painted a train this morning but ran out of time. I might return someday to finish it as the trains never really change… or I might finish it up at home from a photo… or maybe I’ll just leave it as is.

08.09.16-train 08.09.16-train2

And again this evening I painted in my backyard. It’s been miserably overcast here the past couple of days.


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Midday Monday

I’m not much of a midday painter. I don’t usually care for the light. Today I thought I’d give it a shot and do a slow painting. It started out sunny but quickly became overcast making the light even less interesting.

08.08.16-riverfront 08.08.16-riverfront2

And this evening I painted in my backyard.


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13 Minute Sunset

I raced down to the river this evening and tried to get a sunset done. I think this is the fastest watercolor I’ve ever painted. It only took 13 minutes. It felt good to let go of trying to be exact. In the time it took me to paint it the light completely changed and then the sun set.


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