Basement again

After yesterday I had mixed feelings. I really liked being free of a given image but the results were less than glamorous. I didn’t want to give up though and headed back down to the basement this morning to give it another shot. You have to paint a lot of crappy paintings before you get one gem. My early plein air landscapes were wretched so it’s only natural that these should be too. It was raining again anyway. Soft body acrylics on gessoed bristol. The first two are 9×12″. The second two are 11×14″.

These could’ve been sloppier (looser). The soft body acrylics are drying very fast and almost look like tempera. I may mix in some Golden Open medium next time.

Once again my kids stomping around upstairs signaled the end of my painting session and the beginning of the breakfast feeding.

**A note for acrylic painters:
There is a common discussion about the use of gesso in the place of (more expensive) titanium white paint. It’s possible. It functions. Lots of people do it and like it. This morning I ran out of white paint and didn’t want to go upstairs to fetch more out of fear of prematurely waking my kids (and thus ending my painting session). So I used gesso. It worked… except there was much more color shift (colors mixed with white gesso darkened more) and I didn’t think it was as opaque (maybe because it was just thinner than the paint?). Anyway, that was my experience this morning. It worked for me but I’m not switching. I’ll still use titanium white paint.

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6 Responses to Basement again

  1. Rob K says:

    It’s interesting reading about and seeing your experiments in the different media.
    I have been messing around with watercolor and gouache lately and your last 2 reminds me of the gouache experiments that I’m playing around with.
    I have had the same experience with using gesso as my white. It worked but is more transparent and greater color shift.
    I think it is the titanium in the white that gives it more opaqueness.

  2. Jeff says:

    The painting on the bottom is SO nice Hank..

  3. Very much enjoyed looking at your work and reading about your process.
    This last painting is so powerful.
    I admire a man who paints before the kids have to get up for school. That’s discipline.

    • I have to paint whenever I can find the time or else I can’t paint. It’s not ideal but it’s all I’ve got right now. I try to paint with them but that never works out for me. Then it’s better to just sit back and watch.

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