Overcast but didn’t rain. Above freezing so I took watercolors to do some quick sketching. The first group near the train yard I was able to hand hold. The next couple I used an easel. Some sun would’ve been nice.

As I was putting this in the back of my car to get to the next location a drop of water dripped out of my palette and right onto the blue caboose. I’m going to fix it later. Here I am holding everything. A little plastic spice canister with a flip top makes a great water container. You can see the blue caboose before the drop dripped.

Still learning and that’s what’s fun. I really like the accidents that would drive seasoned watercolor painters crazy. For me, they help push these away from a literal depiction. Blooms, bleeds, drips, runs are desirable to me (to a certain extent!). On both pages I’m trying to practice leaving white areas white.

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  1. I love watercolor and don’t use it nearly enough. Lots of great drawing practice and yes, the fun of using the white of the paper.
    Beautiful little sketches, these are.

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