Still Exploring

I’m still exploring still life setups. I like not feeling rushed. I like not feeling like I have a narrow window of opportunity and if I blink I’ll miss it. I like being able to change things that I don’t like. I’m adding things like the clementine net-bag to remind me not to get caught up in details. It isn’t something I’d be interested in trying to paint in great detail so that helps me not overwork something like that wonderfully shiny aluminum can. This is what play looks like for me. As fun and free as it is I think I need to start focusing more on a purpose and direction.

acrylic on canvas, 9×12″ 

My wife and kids were off today so we went to the Hershey zoo. It was very cold so we didn’t stay long at all. Over at Chocolate World I got a dark chocolate peanut butter milkshake so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip!

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