Found again

Worked on this again even though I said I wouldn’t. Wish I hadn’t.


There’s a threshold where the initial, spontaneous reaction/response turns into nitpicking and needless questions that lead to defining everything. The problem with that is that I’m seeing beauty in something and it catches my eye, but then, I overwork it and stop seeing what attracted me and start seeing nothing but flaws. I can find beauty in “nothing” (or a pile of garbage) but with too much information I no longer paint the beauty and end up describing the nothing. The more I paint the more I want to focus on just that beauty and omit everything else that is superfluous.

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2 Responses to Found again

  1. Barbara Carr says:

    I know just what you mean, Hank; I do it all the time! In this case, to me, the stripes on the towel are distracting, but the numbers on the card are intriguing. Either way, it’s still a beauty!

    • Thanks Barbara. I’m still considering removing the stripes. It’s such an agony though to have gone too far. It’s hard for me to look at right now. I’m forcing myself to take a break from it for a few days.

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