I’m still wrestling with watercolors below freezing. I’m curious if it can be done well. It was cold and windy so I knelt on the ground again to try to stay out of the wind. The first one I painted I used just warm water. I had success with that last time but today it was freezing into colored slush on my palette and I noticed it was making ice on my paper. The second one I used a 50/50 mixture of vodka. It worked better for avoiding icing but also created interesting effects with the pigment on the paper.

The chilly weather forced me to paint different and to let go of trying to control it. After the first painting I thought I’d switch to oils or acrylics for the winter, but after the second painting I want to keep playing. Both 9×12″

12-10-16-wcriverfront1 12-10-16-wcriverfront2

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