To The Shore And Back

We spent a few days at the beach. I got to do a little painting. These are all 8×10″ oils. Painting the moving surf is always fun. 12-28-16-shore

It rained one morning. I sought refuge under a bridge. Not much of a view from under there. I’ll probably scrape this one off.


I tried in vain to paint a sunrise. They always fail for me. I wiped it off and painted some more surf. I’ll finish the top of the sky later. That’s just left over from the failed sunrise.


These were all painted with my pochade box. That makes it a little easier than a french easel for me when traveling. But I always feel like I’m painting through a window or hole or something and the edges of the box get in my way when I’m trying to paint to the edges. These are also mainly painted with a knife because there’s no place to rest brushes on a pochade and I’m limited by my mittens for how many things I can hold.

Home again. A familiar view this morning.


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