Happy New Year

My New Year’s resolution this year is to reduce the amount of time I spend doing plein air paintings and instead focus more on producing finished studio works. I feel like I need more direction and structure in my work.

Also I want to drastically reduce my social media and online exposure. I post nearly everything I do. I love seeing other artists’ sketches and like sharing mine too because they are my favorite part of what I do, but I’m considering maybe I should do what other artists do and only show my successes. That helps create the mystique that this is easy (for me) because I’m so awesome and never have failures and never struggle. Maybe I’m also giving away too much. I’m doing a lot of work and sharing my trial-and-errors and experiments with everyone. Those should be closely guarded trade secrets or something. Most people don’t seem very “social” online anyway. I’m evaluating how much I really get out of participating and flirt with closing my accounts.

I also considered ending my blog at the end of last year. I don’t get much traffic anymore and the only comments are from spambots. I like it as an online diary though and use it to reference works as I haven’t found a useful (and free) app for artists to keep inventory records.

Until I can decide what I want to do here are a couple of watercolor sketches and a small plein air done this week. .


plein air, oils, 8×10″ 

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