The End of Something Old Or The Beginning of Something New?

Sunset or sunrise?

This painting is another one of my plein airs reworked and rescued from the trash. It has transformed from a sketch into a more controlled work. All changes to the plein air painting were done out of my head and developed on their own without a predetermined plan. No photo reference, no observation. Maybe I’m channeling my inner Thomas Kinkade.

oils, 11×14″ 

Here is the plein air painting from June, 2016 before I fixed/finished it:

I know at this location I was looking southeast and I know I painted the plein air sketch in June in mid-morning and I know from painting there a hundred times year-round that the sun would rise in June much more to the left (well off the edge of the canvas, at least a full canvas width off the left edge), but you don’t know any of that.

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