Strada Challenge (week 2)

I’m still painting every day for the Strada easel challenge. Here are this week’s paintings.

I worked on this one for two days. Painting in the middle of the day makes me feel less rushed as the light doesn’t change as quickly. When I paint around lunch I always feel like slowing down and painting tight. I think I’ll adjust the wave on the left. The angle isn’t quite right yet. I could sit and watch waves all day.

Another rainy day last week meant another still life. I had a lot of domestic responsibilities that day anyway so going outside would’ve been hard, but that also limited my time to paint. This was only about an hour. I would’ve skipped painting altogether that day except for participating in this challenge. I’m not often inspired by something lifeless, sitting still and unchanging.

Back outside and back to watercolor.

The state of Rhode Island was giving away some free trees so I had to drive to a state park to pick them up. I thought painting with a big mop would help me loosen up. It might have helped a little. I used a big flat for the water. I wasn’t finished with this one yet but the tide came in and soaked my feet. Done enough. Got my trees and headed home.

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