More Figure Study

Typically I would do enhanced gestures in charcoal pencil during the short warm up poses, but yesterday I went straight to watercolor. First a 5 minute pose.

Then a 10 minute pose.

Then our 20 minute sessions started.

I don’t draw on the paper before painting. There isn’t enough time. I just go for it. Here I got bogged down in trying to get an accurate drawing while painting that I didn’t finish the study. The shapes came together well and I am happy with the drawing aspect of it though.

Faster for this one. Less concern for accurate drawing. I’m not really a figure painter. It’s wonderful to draw from a model whenever I get the chance. The challenge of accuracy just doesn’t usually exist for me when painting a landscape. But primarily I use these opportunities to hone my color, and the color across a model is endlessly fascinating.

Watercolor on toned paper with some white added. This was my favorite of the day.

The last pose I went back to my small sketchbook and was more subtle on the color. I wish I had worked larger so I could’ve gotten her legs.

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