I went to my figure group today looking to play. I tried some controlled drawing (which isn’t the kind of drawing I typically do) and really didn’t like it. Instead of pressing on in agony I got out my watercolors and went back to my usual way of working. First, I did a direct attempt at color with three colors without paying too much attention to drawing. Twenty minutes flies by and I feel like I can’t focus on every building block of image making. For me, drawing suffers because I’m interested more in color (and playing with watercolors). I think of these more like taking notes than making paintings.

20 minutes

Then I tried a new technique I’ve been playing with in my sketchbook. I was happy enough with this ‘field test’.

20 minutes

35 minutes. Oops, that leg is too short! Rather than try to correct it I quit and went home. And even though I quit on my original plan to work outside my comfort zone I think I still learned something.

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