I tried to slow down at figure group today, and I tried a different approach. The final painting:

The model takes a break every 20 minutes. This is after the first break. Only burnt sienna. I wish my cell phone took better photos.

After the second break. Burnt sienna + ultramarine blue.

After the third break. Burnt sienna + ultramarine blue + Naples yellow and a touch of quinacridone magenta.

Total palette today: burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, Naples yellow, a touch of quinacridone magenta, and a touch of white. Lately at figure group I’m trying to use up old tubes of earth colors and cadmiums. My palette is pretty stripped down now and I don’t typically use those colors for anything. I want to use them up before the tubes dry up, but I’m enjoying the results and I can see why my painting teachers in art school asked us to put them on our palette for painting figures.

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