Still Trying

I’m still trying at figure group. I like the short poses to explore and be courageous. That’s a lot of fun. But for the long pose I keep trying to be more academic and controlled. I want to take the opportunity to slow down and look more precisely at what I’m seeing. I don’t have a model to study from very often (or at least as often as I’d like). I always hate the results. Here they are anyway.

3 minute poses. I really liked her knee in that one drawing and would’ve liked that to be the long pose just so I could’ve painted it.

5 minute poses. These are always my favorites of the day.

The long pose.

I really liked the light on her face and I’m always a sucker for a good ear so I switched to a portrait attempt at the end. I’m dreadful at portraits though and would like to try more. The geometry of a face is interesting. I’m not a “people person” and try to avoid conversation if I can, but if I am engaged and you notice I’m not looking you in the eye it’s because I’m studying the shape of your nose or the color of the shadow under your chin. I’m not trying to be rude. I promise I’m listening to every word.

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