Staycation 2019

Every summer my wife takes our kids to visit her family and I get stuck at home taking care of all our animals. I get a week of not having to cook or parent and as much time as I want to paint. Here is some of my work from this week.

I kicked things off as soon as my family left by chasing a rain storm that eventually chased me. This was very quick and ended abruptly.

I love the rocks just under the surface of the water along the shore. This probably should’ve been three different paintings, but I tried to cram everything into one because I knew my opportunities to paint are greatly limited.

A nice quiet morning. Still a good number of ducks around.

I don’t get as many opportunities to paint hazy atmospheric perspective as I did in Pennsylvania so when I stumbled across some at a park further inland from the coast I was excited to paint it. Again, multiple paintings here and I wished I could’ve spent all day there.

A nice foggy afternoon to cool me off after several hours of yard work after lunch one day.

I like this rock and have painted it two or three other times.

I found some shade in the woods but just wasn’t feeling it this day. I think I’m just enjoying watercolors more lately.

One of the views in the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

I don’t usually paint in the evening because when you lose your light it definitely isn’t coming back! This ended much sooner than I wanted. Unfinished.

A great rock in Jamestown at Beavertail State Park. The water here is gorgeous!

At my usual Wednesday figure group I did a couple of watercolors but I’m trying to practice portraits more lately. Here is our model’s backside and two attempts to catch her front side.

On Saturday I took the ferry out to Cuttyhunk Island for a plein air event with 60-70 other artists. It’s a wonderful little island with lots of good painting spots. Here is the painting I did for the event.

I was honored to receive second place and also have my painting purchased by the event.

And finally, I wrapped up my week at a free artist day at Watson Farm in Jamestown. I didn’t get to finish because of a thunderstorm, but I could probably finish off the bottom at home from memory if I wanted to. I hope those specks read as sheep. My go-to blue is always ultramarine and I rarely find a use for cobalt. Today I used cobalt (for the obviously blue parts anyway).

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