30-Day Challenge

Twice a year an easel company sponsors a contest. The challenge is to paint something from life every day of the month and post it to social media. At the end of the month they randomly choose a few people to win an easel. I don’t really need another easel, but the challenge of doing something every day is something I need in my hectic schedule. Most days I wouldn’t draw or paint at all.

Here are some of my sketches from the month. The others aren’t worth sharing in greater detail than I already showed on Facebook and Instagram.

This was actually my last one.

Road trip. My favorite spot to paint back in Lancaster, PA.

This was painted in direct sun so is darker than I’d like, but it has some qualities I liked enough to share here.

The boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. I wanted to try to abstract it more and not get caught up in the loads of details in the visual vomit that is the Jersey Shore boardwalk.

I had more time than usual this day so I slowed down for this one. I wanted to paint the backlit trees more than the waves.

It was very windy this day and my easel blew over into the sand. This was the failed painting but I really liked it like this anyway. It has some of the energy of the day.

The back of our old house in Lancaster, PA.

One day I couldn’t get out of the house even though the weather was nice so I did a quick still life.

This is a sculpture of a Labrador Duck in the bird sanctuary. I wish I could have one of these in my yard!

Here I was waiting for my kids’ cross country meet to start. These are some stalls and stables and some kind of horse ring.


The next two are from a very windy day in Falmouth, MA. I painted them in my lap sitting in the back of my wife’s car.

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