Studio Time

I’m starting to try to do more studio paintings from my field sketches again. This sketch is from September 2013. It’s tiny. Watercolor.

This is the 12×16” oil on canvas I did over a couple of days worth of free time. I started trying to stay relatively true to the sketch, but eventually the oil version wanted to go its own way. I’ll try again with another plein air sketch. I’m not very happy with this and prefer the spontaneity of the watercolor.

When working like this in the studio I think I miss the experience of ‘being there’ and is probably also why I don’t like working from photos. What I’ve always enjoyed most about drawing and painting has been working from observation. Doing a painting from my imagination just doesn’t scratch my itch the same way. This definitely seems like a practice I should pursue though. I have many down days where I can’t get out to paint but I have an hour or two open up where I can get something done in my studio.

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