It sounds like a Disney movie but failing is good. When I chase a sunrise it is always with the expectation of failure. Complete failure. As a fortune cookie once told me: you learn little from success but much from failure. And my failures always look better to me after I’ve had time away from the location. They’re opportunities to learn.

I have a tendency to be too literal sometimes. Watercolor has helped me a lot in my pursuit to let go of that insecurity. The failure helps lead the painting in an unpredictable direction. The unplanned “happy accidents” create new discoveries so the process becomes more of an exploration. It’s wandering around searching for a painting like an Easter egg hunt creating a meandering, hectic path rather than getting on a train heading towards a known, planned destination on a deliberate and efficient path.

I don’t want to be a human camera. I always have a camera in my pocket anyway. Rote copying of the scene just isn’t my primary concern all the time. I want the painting to be something unique and the scene to be the starting point or launching pad to a different level, to someplace I didn’t know existed.

I wish the soft/hard edge of the horizon was switched so the light segment was soft and the dark segment was hard. I’m having trouble with the paper drying slow in the colder weather.

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