About Me

I was born in Pennsylvania but did most of my growing up in a somewhat rural part of New Jersey close to the Delaware River. I didn’t appreciate the bucolic charm of the area when I was a kid and a lot of my drawings were fantasies to take me away from it to a more exciting life. Those drawings eventually took me to the Rhode Island School of Design and after graduating I returned home to begin a career as a graphic designer and digital illustrator.

The past several years I’ve taken time off from being a professional artist to be a full-time dad to our FIVE kids. The forced break from the computer has given me the opportunity to resume painting after years of pushing a mouse. In the summer of 2009 I began painting plein air landscapes to broaden my abilities, loosen up, abandon minutia, and gain a better understanding of light and color through the forced discipline of painting outdoors in the constantly changing weather and light.

I live in Portsmouth, RI but paint everywhere I go.