Ukrainian Blonde

We had a new model and I tried some new techniques today at figure group.

A 5 minute pose

A 10 minute pose

I tried drawing with a brush first and liked it so I left it alone and finished the pose with a small, quick color sketch (below this one).

Then I continued drawing the rest of the poses first with a brush and sienna before applying color.

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Another day at figure group. Shorter poses are best for me. I try to do new things and slow down for the long poses, but I always destroy it.

3 minute poses

5 minute poses

For the long pose I drew a tight pencil drawing for the first 20 minutes before getting out my paint. I keep thinking that most other watercolor painters do a pencil drawing first so maybe I should too. My controlled drawings are always stiff and disappointing. I don’t like being locked into a (bad) drawing as the painting progresses.

When I started to paint I tried to be slow and academic letting the color build up in thin layers. I didn’t want to be concerned with how the paint behaved, and I didn’t want to inject artifice. I just wanted to try to accurately reproduce the colors I was seeing. I think this is horrible, but I hope I learned something.

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There were a couple of things I didn’t like about yesterday’s portrait so I tried to fix some of them today. Also, my wife thought I made myself look too young so I tried to fix that. I think what she meant was I made my head too thin. I find I tend to do that with heads. I decided not to try to fix that and I’ll just try to remember next time.

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Sick Kid

I had a sick kid at home today so I couldn’t go outside to play. Instead I set up a mirror by the couch while he binge-watched Bob’s Burgers. It was a convenient opportunity for me to practice with oils. My kids think it looks a little bit like me.

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No Easel

This morning I forgot the connector plate for my tripod. It was on my oil paint pochade but I took watercolors. You’d think by now I’d know to check first. I had to paint on the ground. I’m not very happy with it, but it was a nice morning to be outside anyway.

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Short Poses

The first one was a 10 minute pose. The rest were 20 minute poses. I’m trying some new techniques. I wasn’t caring much today about drawing. I was interested more in trying to paint his skin colors.


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Lost Weekend

I didn’t get to paint much this weekend so I stopped for a quick shot on my way out to run errands this morning. This is oils and I’m trying to adjust my working methods and adapt to the differences from acrylics. It usually takes a few paintings because oils behave so differently than acrylics. I’ve painted this spot a lot and always have difficulty with it. I’m wondering if that’s because there are no forms to cast shadows here.

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I stopped in Providence to paint this morning but it was very windy so I quit. It wasn’t going well anyway. This got scraped off.

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Lighter Hand

Today I tried a lighter hand than last week. I spent the first 20 minute session of this pose doing a careful pencil drawing and tried to stay true to it as I painted. I was working my way down and didn’t quit finish the legs. The models always seem to rest their feet on pillows also, which is why the feet always look strange. I think we’ll call this the “sitting on the toilet” pose.

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At figure group today I wanted to try to get as much paint on this as I could hoping it would reach a breaking point. I was wondering if anything interesting would happen with too much pigment. The drawing was sacrificed as I was in a hurry to jump into laying paint on this. I should probably focus on practicing my drawing. Next time.

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