Some nice waves this morning.

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A rough day at figure group today. Wasn’t sure of my direction. 3 minute poses.

20 minute poses.

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Here’s a page from my sketchbook. I slipped and fell (twice!) on those snowy, icy rocks on Saturday morning and I’m still sore so I spent some time sitting in a chair taking it easy. Some ear studies in watercolor.

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We got a dusting of snow overnight and I’m afraid it will be the only snow of our winter this year. The wind was really strong so it limited my options. 9×12”

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Today’s Pages

Here are today’s pages from my sketchbooks done at figure group.

3 minute poses to warm up.

5 minute pose

20 minutes

Multiple 20 minute sessions

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It was a clam, cold morning today. I’m not crazy about the composition, and whenever I paint this rock I just want to focus on the rock but always get distracted by the rest of the scene.

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Catching Up

I haven’t been keeping up with my blog posts lately. Here is a batch of recent work. A plein air watercolor and some recent figure sketches.

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It was very windy this morning. Even dressed in my usual winter gear it sapped all the warmth out of me so I didn’t finish. I don’t like the yellow showing through the underpainting at the bottom and I’ll probably try to fix that later. 12×16”

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Figure Morning

Here are some drawings from figure group this morning.

Two 5 minute poses and a 10 minute pose to warm up.

5 minute poses.


Two 20 minute poses. One watercolor sketch for color and one pencil attempt at her face.

A 10 minute try at her face and a 20 minute pose that didn’t have much to offer. I don’t think I got her anatomy quite right and ran out of room at the bottom for her other foot.

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It’s been raining here a lot lately so when the sun came out today I skipped my figure group to paint outside. I’m still practicing with oils. I feel like I’m cheating on my watercolors!

I wouldn’t usually paint into the sun. It’s just not my kind of image. The view behind me had much more color, but when I left this morning this was the composition and bit of land that I wanted to paint. I spent so much time wrestling with the moving sun that I didn’t have time to finish the bottom of the painting.


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