Final Rhode Island Staycation

I finally got around to taking some photos of my sketches from my last staycation. Some of these aren’t very good photos but they’re the best my iPad could do. We’re preparing to move so this is my final staycation here in Rhode Island. Needless to say I am very sad about that. This is a very beautiful place! My oils and acrylics are already packed so I did watercolors all week.

This was actually my last painting of the week.

I didn’t want to paint this evening but couldn’t resist the clouds.

For this one I tried to simplify it as much as I could.

This evening painting was difficult with watercolor and I’d like to try it again someday (obviously as a studio attempt).

I’ve loved this rock formation in Jamestown, RI since we came up here looking for a home a few years ago.

One of the gorgeous views from the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

A quick one that got rained out.

Another one that got rained out half way through. I finished this one as soon as I got home from memory. I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

The carriage house at Glen Manor on a hot afternoon.

The bird houses at the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

I love the rocks here.

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Annual Jetty Painting

Here’s my annual summer painting of a jetty in Ocean City, NJ. Summer Jetty, plein air, watercolor, about 8×11” on Hahnemuhle paper.

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Staycation 2019

Every summer my wife takes our kids to visit her family and I get stuck at home taking care of all our animals. I get a week of not having to cook or parent and as much time as I want to paint. Here is some of my work from this week.

I kicked things off as soon as my family left by chasing a rain storm that eventually chased me. This was very quick and ended abruptly.

I love the rocks just under the surface of the water along the shore. This probably should’ve been three different paintings, but I tried to cram everything into one because I knew my opportunities to paint are greatly limited.

A nice quiet morning. Still a good number of ducks around.

I don’t get as many opportunities to paint hazy atmospheric perspective as I did in Pennsylvania so when I stumbled across some at a park further inland from the coast I was excited to paint it. Again, multiple paintings here and I wished I could’ve spent all day there.

A nice foggy afternoon to cool me off after several hours of yard work after lunch one day.

I like this rock and have painted it two or three other times.

I found some shade in the woods but just wasn’t feeling it this day. I think I’m just enjoying watercolors more lately.

One of the views in the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

I don’t usually paint in the evening because when you lose your light it definitely isn’t coming back! This ended much sooner than I wanted. Unfinished.

A great rock in Jamestown at Beavertail State Park. The water here is gorgeous!

At my usual Wednesday figure group I did a couple of watercolors but I’m trying to practice portraits more lately. Here is our model’s backside and two attempts to catch her front side.

On Saturday I took the ferry out to Cuttyhunk Island for a plein air event with 60-70 other artists. It’s a wonderful little island with lots of good painting spots. Here is the painting I did for the event.

I was honored to receive second place and also have my painting purchased by the event.

And finally, I wrapped up my week at a free artist day at Watson Farm in Jamestown. I didn’t get to finish because of a thunderstorm, but I could probably finish off the bottom at home from memory if I wanted to. I hope those specks read as sheep. My go-to blue is always ultramarine and I rarely find a use for cobalt. Today I used cobalt (for the obviously blue parts anyway).

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I haven’t been painting lately and have had a lot on my mind so these felt stiff. 5 minute warm up.

Similar pose as the warm up. Slower. More controlled. Disappointing so I stopped and tried to change gears.

I tried looking for something in the middle.

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Still Trying

I’m still trying at figure group. I like the short poses to explore and be courageous. That’s a lot of fun. But for the long pose I keep trying to be more academic and controlled. I want to take the opportunity to slow down and look more precisely at what I’m seeing. I don’t have a model to study from very often (or at least as often as I’d like). I always hate the results. Here they are anyway.

3 minute poses. I really liked her knee in that one drawing and would’ve liked that to be the long pose just so I could’ve painted it.

5 minute poses. These are always my favorites of the day.

The long pose.

I really liked the light on her face and I’m always a sucker for a good ear so I switched to a portrait attempt at the end. I’m dreadful at portraits though and would like to try more. The geometry of a face is interesting. I’m not a “people person” and try to avoid conversation if I can, but if I am engaged and you notice I’m not looking you in the eye it’s because I’m studying the shape of your nose or the color of the shadow under your chin. I’m not trying to be rude. I promise I’m listening to every word.

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Short Poses

Two 5 minute poses to start.

Then 20 minute poses the rest of the morning.

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5 minute warm up

10 minute pose

20 minute poses

And a 10 minute drawing to end the day

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Full Frontal

At figure group today I was front and center for the pose. I knew I was going to do single drawings for each of the 20 minute sessions rather than one long drawing today. I thought I’d move after each session and do different angles but decided against it. I’m a little too lazy to move all my stuff around the room sometimes. Also, I thought I’d just focus on continuing to develop my watercolor technique rather than keep changing the variable of the pose.

A couple of 5 minute warm ups before the main pose.

Ths was the first 20 minute session.

These were the final sessions. The first one was 20 minutes. The last one was multiple sessions and I wanted to really load it up. I wanted deeper color and added some opaque paint also.

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Tide Pool Again

This morning I painted the same tide pool I’ve painted several times before. The snowy owl is still here and hanging out on the refuge headquarters’ roof in the parking lot.

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Female Wrestler

I tried oils at figure group again.

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